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CAMUS places value creation and customer orientation at the heart of its strategy.

A real estate project is a fabulous catalyst for the strategic stakes of financial investments.

It's not always about doing as much as possible, but as well as possible based on the market and the future.  

Real estate assets exist to provide you with value.

CAMUS's data analysis and management tools provide you with a clear view of your real estate project or portfolio.

  • A clear statement of how the project's objectives align with your goals.
  • Using a lifecycle management approach to create value.
  • Establishing processes that reflect your needs and define value.

Mastery of real estate engineering in all its components allows CAMUS to commit sustainably to its partners.

  • Innovative building and usage solutions: The multidisciplinary expertise of local teams allows CAMUS to understand the challenges of the region and integrate all stages of real estate value creation, from financial engineering to defining usage and executing the project, including construction and marketing. CAMUS enriches itself through its daily experience.
  • An ecosystem of leading local partners: Leveraging its experience, CAMUS establishes and mobilizes a team of consultants, architects, specialized engineers, corresponding to each stage of the design and management of a real estate project. With over 2.4 million square meters completed on behalf of third parties, CAMUS develops flexible intervention methods and technically proven creative solutions for each of its clients. Providing an innovative and inclusive response to the challenges of a project involves consultation and engagement with local actors and partners. We believe in positive synergies that create change.
  • A transparent and constructive client relationship: CAMUS places the client and the user at the center of its approach. Understanding the needs and aspirations of our clients is the first step in creating value. CAMUS' commitment to a transparent client relationship is reflected, among other things, in the quality of reporting and continuous satisfaction measurement.

We intervene in the various phases of your project.