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CAMUS, specialist in commercial real estate, asset management and real estate portfolio management for third parties. Our expertise accompanies you on daily basis to turn your real estate assets into value creation.

We distinguish ourselves by a proactive and dynamic management of real estate assets, focused on securing revenues.

CAMUS develops strategies and master plans in order to optimise the financial performance of your assets (structuring, yield, added value, valuation, etc …)

With our models, you benefit from an optimum valuation of your assets in accordance with the established strategy, anticipation, management and upstream control of potential risks.

CAMUS complete range of services, with tailor-made solutions, is aimed at a variety of clients such as investment funds, private property companies, family groups and private interests, developers


Managing Partner

Founding Partner of CAMUS, national DCF winner, Jérôme has nearly 25 years of professional experience in the development and management of commercial real estate projects, in Morocco and in Europe. Its achievements total more than 2 million m², including nearly 300,000 m² developed and managed in Morocco, for leading brands of international and national scope. He also has a proven track record of multi-site operational management of commercial assets, in all aspects of property management. Jérôme is a recognized expert in the design, development and management of commercial assets, on all their operational aspects.

Rodolphe MULLER


Partner, ICN, Rodolphe has more than 25 years of professional experience, including 10 years as a senior executive of national groups (including predominantly real estate), and more than 15 years as a consultant, mainly within large and world-renowned firms. He has recognized expertise and experience in structuring and setting up projects, particularly real estate, and all functional aspects related to the various real estate management professions, from development to operation


At Camus Solutions Immobilières, creativity, excellence and respect are our common values. They allow us to be a true trusted partner for our customers.


In an ever-changing world, we are determined to go the extra mile to find the right solution every time by intelligently combining design, customer experience and commercial real estate. Determined to go further than what our customers expect in order to meet the needs for simplicity, fluidity and more human relationships expressed by consumers.

For Camus Solutions Immobilières, creativity means:

  • Share and capitalize on our expertise, our experiences, our partnerships and our talents. We are convinced that when it comes to service, people make all the difference.
  • Be ingenious and agile, to always anticipate better.
  • Imagine the best solution, be innovative to achieve high-performance results: the impossible is not part of our vocabulary.


We always strive for the best. We are aware that this amounts to wanting to achieve goals in an environment where digital transformation is perpetually shifting the lines. It requires full commitment, to surpass yourself. To achieve this, the commitment of our teams is total. Excellence is our hallmark.

For Camus Solutions Immobilières, excellence means:

  • Offer an optimal customer experience, for the best value for money, thanks to proven processes and confirmed talents.
  • Be tenacious, a reliable partner, on whom our customers, partners and teams can count.
  • Believe in innovation and place continuous improvement at the top of our priorities.


Mutual respect and trust are the foundation of any successful business. And Camus Solutions Immobilières confirms the rule. We are convinced that collective intelligence, teamwork, with our employees but also with our customers, is a powerful lever for meeting challenges and achieving our ambitions.

For Camus Solutions Immobilières, respect means:

  • Cultivate a positive environment where collaboration, diversity and teamwork are the norm.
  • Always act with honesty and integrity.
  • Recognize that we can sometimes be wrong and have the courage to act conscientiously

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