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Services, management and portfolio management. (Asset services)

Real estate assets exist to provide you with value. CAMUS analysis and data management tools give you a clear view of your real estate portfolio.

  • A clear statement of how asset management aligns with your objectives 
  • The use of a life cycle management approach to create value 
  • Establishing processes that reflect your needs and define value

With our powerful analytical tools, we help identify efficiency gains for you by aligning your real estate assets with your objectives.

  • Development and implementation of rigorous plans linking the required functions and performance of each asset to objectives and strategy. A Property Management department dedicated to enhancing the value of assets under management.
  • Implementation of monitoring and continiuous improvement processes.
  • Provision of highly qualified staff to operate the asset management system

Building Consultancy

The success of a real estate project depends on many factors and involves many different issues. They are financial, strategic, technical, organizational, legal, human or financial, the success of a real estate project depends on many factors .

Environmental for the building to be a source of value creation to serve your objectives. It is important to call upon multidisciplinary specialists with a perfect mastery of the stakes inherent in all these complex operations and risk control.

On the strenght of its experience, CAMUS establishes and mobilizes a team of consultants, architects, specialized engineers, corresponding toeach stage of the design and management of a real estate project with more than 2,4 million square meters of real estate built for third parties , CAMUS  develops flexible intervention methods and creative, technically proven solutions for each of its clients.

This ranges from assistance in setting up operations, auditing, design and implementation assistance, technical due deligence, new ways of working, programming and change management, through to operation.

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